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What are Librarians saying ?  


"This is the first time in 12 years that I feel like the
book fair worked for me and not me working for
Scholastic - without pay"***They DO ALL THE WORK
setting up/taking down Handling all the oney/checks/credit
cards etc. Tell the students where the items are located, how
to find the prices, how to fill out a wish list and will "fill" all
the library time if needed. Will work whenever you want it
open for however long you want it open.
Provides a guest author - free of charge - if requested
Will figure up all your paper work and your amounts
in books/cash for you.

***Great interaction with the students!"


Robin Milhollan,
Bonny Kate Elementary Librarian

"After the first day of our school's fall Book Fair with
Backyard Bookfair, I knew that they would be a company
I would invite back to the school time and time again. All
of my correspondence with them prior to sale was positive
and never interfered with my teaching. These gentlemen
came in on the morning of the fair and almost entirely on
their own assembled the tables and were ready to greet
the kids. They conducted all of the orientations about
bookfair procedures with the kids in a highly engaging
manner and had excellent rapport with all of the students.
When the fair was over they packed up all of their
materials and moved all of the furniture back to its original
location. In an age of declining customer service,
 Backyard Bookfair surpasses all expectations of what a
bookfair can do for a school and I continue to look
forward to working with the company in the future."


Suzzane Sherman
Green Magnet Elementary

After one book fair with Backyard Book Fair, I never went back to the
other (Scholastic). Even after several conferences with the other guys
(Scholastic), they simply could not offer me what BBF does—a wonderful
selection of books that students and librarians get excited about; complete
set-up and take-down; and full-service running of the fair—with personality
and a smile!  The BBF folks handle all purchases from customers, re-stocking
of fair items, and closing of the book fair. They introduce each class to the
fair as they help the students fill out their wish lists.  They are great with kids
and really know how to encourage excitement about books.  Whereas I used
to dread all the work associated with book fairs, I am now excited about them. 
I know that the many burdens of a typical fair--setting up, taking down,
restocking, handling the money, filling out wish lists, finding volunteers
to help, all while trying to continue to run the school library—are no longer
mine to bear alone.  With BBF, running the book fair is their job, which
frees me up to do mine; this makes the fairs so much better run,
not to mention much more enjoyable. 


Since 2006, the BBF folks have become part of our school family.  Students

 and teachers alike look forward to their biannual appearance not only because

they will undoubtedly bring awesome books, but also because the return of our

friends brings an energy and excitement to the building. Shifting all book fair

business to BBF was one of the  best decisions I ever made for my library!

Backyard Book Fair was excellent!!

"With very little effort on my part I was able to generate as
much profit as I usually do with the standard Scholastic Book
Fair where I do all the work. Backyard provided cashiers at all
times, restocked, and even took back orders that were delivered
to students after the fair had left. I gave book talks to each visiting
class and sent older grades on a treasure hunt of books to
familiarize themselves with the selections before they were
allowed to shop.
We love Backyard Book."

Fairs at Kingsley Elementary School.
 Anne Smith, Librarian


"We love hosting a Backyard Book Fair at our school.
Daniel and Christian have a great selection of books for all
ages. Backyard Book Fair offers a wider variety of
merchandise so students can actually shop and see books
that may not be offered by class book orders or other
book fairs. They are also able to offer quality hardcover
books for extremely low prices which our teachers have
appreciated. Daniel and Christian do all of the set up, take
care of money and they will sing and dance for your classes
 if you need a show. We actually make more profit with
Backyard Book Fairs than we do when we host other
well known book fairs. Our students get very excited at
book fair time and I contribute most of that excitement to
the organization and enthusiasm these guys bring with them
when they do a book fair, they love their job and it shows.
We highly recommend inviting the Backyard Book Fair
Players to your school."


Kim Nelson, Librarian
 Bluff City Elementary, Bluff City, TN


"I had a Backyard Book Fair at my school for the first time
during the school year 2004-2005. I was especially pleased
with all aspects of the Fair- the way it was conducted, the
set-up, the materials available for sale, and especially
the personalities of the folks who hosted the fair. I used
it for a fund-raiser and I was very pleased with the fact
that I did not have to make a set amount of sales before
I could get cash instead of books. I would recommend the
Backyard Book Fair for any school in this area. "


Nancy B. Grubb, Librarian
Bulls Gap School, Bulls Gap, TN