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Who we are/what we do


Backyard Book Fair is now in its eighth year of existence. It has continued to grow
each and every year with the help of local librarians. This partnership has given way
to the best product on the market.
We would like to invite you and your school to be part of this unique experience.


We are different because we offer a full service fair. Everything is done according
to your wishes, only you don’t have to do any of the work. Give us the dates and times
and we create the flyers and posters for the promotion of the book fair. Give us a
location and we set up the cases, the money table, and the displays. Give us a
schedule of classes and we give the students their wish lists (which we again provide)
along with instructions and a tour, done in varying dramatic fashions.
(You’ll find we are as entertaining as we are efficient.) We staff the entire event
with our own professionals. We take the money, answer questions, and at the
end of the day take stock. The following morning we reappear with all new books
to restock and do it all over again. Want us to stay late for a PTA meeting
or sporting event? No problem, we are there in school colors. (We know these
events, while sometimes overwhelming, are also a real boost to profits  and we can
handle them like the seasoned professionals we are.)


We are a little different in our selection as well. Oh, you will still find national favorites
like Spongebob, Star Wars, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rick Riordan, Strawberry Shortcake,
Mike Lupica, RL Stine and Charlotte’s Web but in addition you will find local favorites like
Haunted Tennessee, Kentucky Ghost Stories, Backyard Bones, and the Patty Paper series.
We are associated with the Overmountain Press, which specializes in publishing regional
authors so our selection offers the best of all worlds. We can customize the fair to your desires.
We can accommodate any sized area for your book fair.


           We have six standard shelves in our color-coded structure:

 Purple: Popular K-3 titles gender nonspecific
 Pink: K-3 titles with a heavy emphasis on things popular with today’s girls
 Orange: Ghost and Gross titles
 Blue: Chapter books a plenty
 Red: Drawing and Sports books
 Green: Science, Nature, and History books

For larger fairs we have enough title for two and sometimes three of the above categories.
In addition, we can provide shelves of leveled readers, hardcover easy readers,
adult, $1 books, and preschool.

We never lose focus of the fact that these events exist to keep kids reading, regardless
of family income. We give teachers a break as well; to the tune of 20% off everything.

We also bring our own authors if that strikes your fancy. Whether it’s to sign copies of their
book or to talk about what goes into being an author, the experience is always inspiring for the kids.
Before we pack everything up and return your space to the pristine condition in which we
found it, we cut you a check on the spot. We are familiar with most accounting procedures
and can have a breakdown of the sales that same afternoon. You can then take 30% of your
profits in books, 25% in cash, or a mixture of the two.


Backyard Book Fair was

Reasons Why I Should Choose 
Backyard Book Fair

Backyard Staff sets up, handles the money and sales, deals with each class doing
orientation and wishlists, tears down the book fair at the end of the week, and
writes you a check.

Backyard carries hundreds of student favorite titles plus new and exciting
selections unique to Backyard Book Fair.

Backyard offers a large selection of discounted books.

Backyard carries Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake,
Goosebumps, military, Rick Riordan titles, Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse,
Hank the Cowdog, Sponge Bob, Alex Rider Adventure Series, classics and many others.

Backyard offers books by The Overmountain Press, which specializes in regional literature

Backyard offers to provide an author at no charge.

Backyard does all the work! You receive 30% in books or 25% in cash, or a combination
of books and cash, regardless of your total sales. Books may be chosen from the
Backyard selection or ordered from our Web site.

Backyard has books priced as low as $1 so every child can afford something.

Customize your own book fair. With thousands of titles available, you may choose
which titles are sold in your school as well as choose whether non-book items will be sold.
Non-book items sold at Backyard Book Fairs are primarily school-related items, such as
bookmarks, pencils, erasers, and other assorted items – mostly $1 or less.

Backyard has the ability to order from most publishers for you or other staff in your school.
Again, you can utilize all or part of your 30% payment in ordering books from such publishers
as DK, Candlewick, Random House, Chronicle, Penguin, and others.

Your book fair can last from 2 days to 2 weeks. You decide.

Backyard will open as early in the morning as is best for you, and/or remain late for a school function.
We love night events and special days like “Muffins for Mom” or grandparent lunches.

Backyard provides all necessary advertising: posters for the school, fliers, and money
envelopes to be sent home with each child.

Backyard Book Fair is a locally operated business.

Give yourself a break this year. Invite Backyard book fair to your School.